When a looser find a way to win !

It was a normal friday, until a really big looser, « Looserchips », find a way to win his first tournament of his entire life !!!

Even if he was in front of the best poker player the world had never seen, « Noct », he was as in a good day that nothing could happen to him.

And « chattage » after « chattage », he slowly takes all the chips he normally loses as said by his name !

So for the futur tournaments, if you see in front of you a big looser, keep your chips and wait for him to loose its own !

Please, be easy with my english, it’s been a long time that I didn’t write anything in this language.

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  1. Looserchips
  2. Noct
  3. Titi
  4. Lolo
  5. Anthox
  6. Philou
  7. Maceo
  8. All Ice
  9. Mika
  10. Jinnaggelos
  11. Jhondoe
  12. Lapin
  13. Polo
  14. Manée
  15. Xav
  16. Montana
  17. Leanesse
  18. Kastel
  19. RIP
  20. Black
  21. Kojaks
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